Honour To Samuel Beckett

Honour To Samuel Beckett

Honour to Samuel Beckett. All titles in the serie has been borrowed from the poem ‘Cascando’ by Samuel Beckett. The landscape of the first painting in the serie [Last times of Loving] is borrowed from a photograph of a Catalan landscape. It has been continued into an 380 degree imaginary landscape.

Last Times Of Loving. SB

100 x 150 cm  Oil on canvas

There Is A Last Even Of Last Times. SB

100 x 240 cm  Oil on canvas

Last Times Of Begging. SB (On fucking oneself)

100 x 150 cm Oil on canvas

Knowing Not Knowing Believing. SB

100 x 100 cm Oil on canvas

I And All The Others That Will Love You. SB

100 x 75 cm Oil on canvas