KIRSA ANDREASEN: on her art – august 2011


Kirsa Andreasen works with the full palette of human emotions when she builds her paintings on a mixture of classical landscapes and modern figuration. The simplicity and bald narrative of the paintings tell of an artist who wishes to deliver a clear message without ambiguity. It basically concerns the emotional conditions we have to live with; daring to give them space. It is about what happens when a human being is sucked into her own emotional space – voluntary or involuntary – where emotions take over. Emotions that can become so strong that you almost enter an animalistic state.

This endeavor to seek beyond rationality stems from Kirsa Andreasen’s interest in the pure, honest core of the self; what we cannot escape, what binds us all. Is this for instance the soul or a collective consciousness? Philosophers have debated the issue for centuries and when Kirsa mentions Plotin’s theory of “the beauty” in us all, she delivers the core of her art on a silver platter. According to Kirsa it is a very beautiful aspect of the self; being good and bad, being part of nature. Therefore the outset of her paintings is the magnificent beauty of the classical landscape; only when that has been captured and found life, the scene can be handed over to the main character and emotional theme of the painting. It is in many ways paintings which, through their dramas and often large canvases, direct the thoughts towards the theatrical arts. However, the scene must in no way be seen only as backdrop but rather as the essence of the drama, nature being at the base of human existence and agency.

The classical landscapes’ worship of nature is an important part of Kirsa Andreasen’s art. It is far from coincidence that many of the landscapes that stretches in their full breadth behind the main characters of the paintings are borrowed from the great classical landscape painters. For it is in the classical landscape paintings and their unique color timbre and light effects that Kirsa recognizes the presence of the artist and the almost meditative worshipping of nature; one that she works with herself. She recognizes the physical and spiritual presence in nature which the older painters felt when they literately placed themselves in the midst of their motive and painted it. Not only did they feel a close connection; they almost merged with it. Here the painter, through this concentrated emotional experience, entered into a form of timeless spiritual space and ‘informed’ the painting. Kirsa Andreasen works with this space as a ’universal space’ which all people are capable of entering, and which potentially combines all people. – A state of timelessness that combines everything.

It is this space Kirsa invite you into when she amalgamate the classical motive with modern man delivered in a contemporary idiom with elements of pop-art. Thereby she opens up for a space where we are set free in a ‘no-time’ which no longer binds us to a modern context, thus providing us with the opportunity to see ourselves as what we basically are: objects of nature.


Lena Velez Larsen, cand.mag
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*Roskilde DK 1975

2009-2010 UBBA Belles Arts Barcelona ES
2007-2008 Philosophy, KUA University of Copenhagen DK
1996-2002 Graduated from Escola d’Art Vic Art. ES
Prof. Marià Dinarés, Carmen Garcia, Toni Garcia & Carmen Collel.
1995-1996 Studies at La Massana. School of painting Barcelona ES

Selected Solo Shows
2013 [Im]permanence. Galerie Wolfsen. DK
2012 Conversin’ with the Elders. Kunstgalleriet, NO
2012 Mellem lys og mørke. Galleri NB DK
2011 Painting Natures. Galleri NB Main DK
2010 Inhabiting Borrowed Places, NBeX Project DK
2010 Inhabiting Borrowed Places, Galleri NB DK
2005 Fønix. Galleri Ravn, DK
2004 Fair Tales. Arkitektkollegiet ES
2003 Den Røde Tråd. Capella Snkt. Just, ES
2001 Retro. Solers, Manresa. ES
2000 Karrusel i Sommernat. Fladens rum. EAV. ES

Selected groupshows /Art Fairs
2013 XV Vilnius Painting Triennial CAC Contemporary Art Center. LIT
2013 Pieces of the Sky. Galerie Wolfsen DK
2013, 2012 Art Copenhagen. Galerie Wolfsen DK 2013 Art Herning. Galerie Wolfsen DK
2012 Honour To Samuel Beckett. Galerie Wolfsen DK
2012, 2011 Art Herning. Galleri NB DK
2011 NBeX Project. Titanic, LIT
2011 Art Copenhagen.Galleri NB DK
2011 Surprice. Galleri NB, DK
2011 Woman wheres your tower. Galleri NB. DK 2010 Frokost i det grønne, Galleri NB. DK
2007 Videoart. Una visió actual. Sala d’Art caixa de Manlleu. ES
2006 Converses pedagógiques. Col.legi d’Aparelladors. ES
2005 La Casulla. La Albergueria. ES
2004 Galleri Christian Dam. DK
2004 Galleri Beascoa. ES
2003 Vernis per la Gravure. Caixa de Manlleu, ES
2003 Pollen. Llotja del Blat, ES
2003 Ictineu. ES
2002 Galleri Beascoa. ES
2002 Røde Kors. Itinerant exhibition in Catalonia ES
2001 Thambos. Itinerant exhibition. ES 2001 Raderinger. EAV, ES
2001 Diàleg. Arkitektkollegiet, ES
2000 Thambos. Temple Romà, ES

Awards Second Price.
Premi Honda, La Garriga ES
First Price. Mercat del Ram, Vic ES

Illustrative projects
Reduccions 100 Front and back cover for the Catalan poetry collection published by Eumografic 2012 Livtag. 19 Illustations for the book “Livtag” Published by Dannerhuset. Pas a Dos. Paintings in coorporation with musician Barbara Held and poet Antoni Clapés. Fundacion La Caixa, Vic. Stor er stilheden. Painting for the cover of “In Nuce” By Antoni Clapés. Der var engang, natten til første marts, og jeg kom fra vest. Serie of four paintings for the yearbook “La Lletra”.

Pemanent work
Escola d’Art, Vic Spain
Hotel Melia, Mallorca